Love Boat Spell $2500 USD


Have you been looking for spells online and tried others, but their spells just down hold water or never done anything for you? Then perhaps your looking in the right direction my friend. True love and dedication are just around the corner.
It is said that over 70% of the relationships out there are not true relationship, its one sided. Their either with people that don't truly love them, or people that just can't connect with the other person on a spiritual, mental, or physical level. This being the case you never experience the true love, romance, or intimacy on a mental, spiritual, or physical level that you can have. Love can be unconditional and without restraints. You can have the person you love and with all these positive attributes that you need in order to make the relationship flourish into a wondrous beautiful thing. For most their relationship is the foundation of their stability and security. With it in chaos, every other aspect of your life will suffer and diminish just the same.
The Extreme Boat Love Spell incorporates every single aspects of the elementals into your situation, at the same time causing the target to be overwhelmed with feelings of true love, lust, and heart filled desire for you. It works on the target by getting rid of the barriers that hold a person back. These can be things such as doubt, insecurities, being hurt in past relationships, mistrust, interferences and influences, or any kind of negative attribute that a person may posses that is holding them back from their true potential. Just as important as two people being able to love one another is the fact of people around them accepting their relationship. This spell will deal with those who are negative and make them positive influences for your relationship through positive means.
This spell has had a past success rate of 100%, understanding this is just a past success rate and does not portray future success. Normal success rate of spells are 97%. I have performed this many times in the past for people and the success is there for those who have even the most stubborn of cases. If you feel your situation is spiraling out of control and you can't get it back together then seek the help you need in order to have your life and relationship back. 
This spell is derived from 15th Century Enochian Biblical Magic. The same magic that Kings, Queens, Dukes, Errol's, and many others of the past used in order to ensure their stability in their relationship. It is now offered to you! The spell incorporates many different aspects such as depicted in the picture above. Lets talk about each of these items you see in the picture and what they do for your situation.
1. The Boat Itself - The boat itself, an unique creation, is made of many different components. Its not just wood. It has herbs made into its structure for offerings and certain stones and metals as well. It derives from the 15th Century Enochian Magic. Every aspect of this boat is an offering for a fast, powerful, and potent spell. Each phase of the construction requires chargings of the moon, sun, and other planets at different times. The creation of this spell takes a FULL two weeks, in some cases 3 weeks. With this you will get a picture of your love boat spell.
2. The Offering Box - This is another aspect of this spell giving it the extra intensity to overcome any situation out there. This aspect of the spell can also be added to other spells for an additional charge of $250. It can be used for any aspect of the spell that is needed. 
3.The Wax Effigies - The wax effigies are a natural part of most spell castings, but with this one they have a specific purpose in that they represent positive and negative attributes. You can see five dolls in the picture above. Notice that 1 is red and 4 are white and the way they are positioned in the boat itself.
4. The Writing - Of course like any spell this spell consists of the writing aspects to ensure that your request is precisely targeted to the person. It also ensure the proper hierarchy of angles to be called in so that the spell will properly be executed.
5. The Spell Chart - This spell chart is not like the other spell charts as this also contains aspects of Necromancy. If you look in the Spell Previews page you can see a clear picture of this chart and the detail involved. It invokes not only elements but also angels of the Necromancy as well. This combination of hierarchy is one that you will never see together as most people would never attempt this type of HIGH magical writings. I also use many sigils in this that people do not have and you can not find on the internet today to invoke many different angels. This aids in the aspects of making the spell happen faster and stronger! It also has the hierarchy of the angels of the goetia, keys of Solomon, John Dee, etc. Thus, making this chart a one of a kind master piece that can only be created through the knowledge handed down by many generations of my family.
This spell is ONLY offered here and others will try to copy it and change the name around, but rest assured that this is the first and only spell out there like this. For the quickest results, I would utilize this spell. Normally within 1 to 2 weeks your back the your love.