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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


Releasing The Spell


 This is probably one of the hardest but most important aspects to the spell casting. Over the past 10 years of offering spells to people on the internet, this happens to be the area people least want to follow. Why you ask? Its because people are normally obsessed over their situation before they even contact myself or any other spell caster. Realizing this is up front for most people is the single most important thing a person can do for themselves. Please don't think that I am saying every single person is obsessed, but about 90% of them are. 

Now you may be thinking to yourself, I am not obsessed over my situation. Well, lets break this down. 

Obsession is by definition: 1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. 2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion. That is the definition of it. Lets break it down. 

Compulsive - A person with behavior patterns governed by a compulsion. That means that you are not in control of your actions. You are constantly thinking of your situation and because of this you make decisions for the actions you do based on this. 

Preoccupation - fixation, an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone. That simply means that you are fixated on someone and can't let your situation resolve itself. Because of this is creates an unhealthy emotional environment for yourself and those around you. This does include children, family, and friends.

Unwanted Feeling or emotion - This, when dealing with love spells, is the feelings of betrayal, loss of trust, and even a feeling of violation of the relationship.

Anxiety - A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties. When you can't stand still, pacing the room or even not being able to sleep, this is a clear clue of this. Also with most people crying is a normal emotion they feel when they have anxiety. Just know, its perfectly normal for everyone in this world to cry. It help your soul to cleans itself.

With these things in mind you must try to work on these symptoms that you are feeling. You can work on them through aspects of taking up hobbies, working more, or many other things. One of the most constructive things you can do is divert the obsession or working on your situation and making yourself a better people and in a better situation so that the people around you see positive things happening. To many times in live when bad things happen, and we have all seen it at one point or another, we tend to fall apart and don't work on the normal things that we would be doing normally. This can cause loss of job, the bills to get behind, loss of home, loss of vehicles, etc. There are so many different aspects that this can effect that it can seriously destroy a persons life and take them many years to get back to where they were before. Because of this, it also effect the way that your love will see you. You hearts desire will see you slipping through the cracks of life after the breakup and not moving forward as you normally should in life. As yourself one question, would you want to be with a person that is totally dysfunctional? NO! We want to be with a person that is strong and has a will to make it in life. Someone that isn't an emotional drain from the beginning of the relationship.

Now how this applies to releasing the spell. Once people have been obsession over their situation they normally turn to their spell caster and then start to obsess over their spell. They divert the obsession from the individual to the spell. This is a VERY bad thing. You should never obsess over a spell period. It will in fact cause it to take longer to happen. You must divert the action to something like building your life so that when the person comes back they see a strong individual. This doesn't mean that you have to act as if you have never missed them, but instead show them how to move forward with life and be happy for the things that you do have and the time that you have had. Knowing that soon you will be able to get your love back and you will have many more fun times. You will be in a great relationship that you and your hearts desire have been dreaming of! 

People obsess by calling friends many many times a day or even their spell caster. When do this you are not releasing the spell and you are causing your situation to be worse. The people that are talking with you are not helping you. They are keeping your obsession going by giving you a way to continually vent every day over the situation. This does not mean that you can not talk with people about your situation, but you should keep it in moderation. Its very hard to do, I know, but it is something that you do need to work on. 

So in short, try to get a grasp on your life and things will work out and the love spells or any spells will be VERY successful for you. Also read the page on "preparing yourself for a spell" as it has allot of information that will help you before you order a spell as well.