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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770



Ordering A Spell
"How To Order a Love Spell, Curse Spell, or Any Spell"
In order for me to cast a love spell or any spell for you I am going to need a few items from you. Below are the items I will need. When sending the imprints please be sure to send it overnight and with delivery confirmation.
Items Needed...

1. Imprints...

Imprints are a way to identify an individual. You can do so through pictures or an article the person gave you or any of the other options that I have listed. When you send an imprint its purpose is to identify that individual and all you need is one type of imprint. You may ask "Are they still as strong as the original pictures when I send them via e-mail?". The simple answer is yes they are. Now the more in-depth answer is this, the picture that you would send me via regular mail is a copy in itself. The only original is the negative that the picture was made from so therefore its the same as me printing it out. So you can send these either by e-mail or overnight mail.
Below I have listed the imprints and what I would prefer and in the order from the best to the worst. Understand that any of them will work, but you may be required to get more than one if they are low on the list.
1. Pictures
2. Signatures or hand writing of the individual. This can be found in letters the individual wrote, signatures of checks, or cards the person wrote to you.
3. Articles of clothing.
4. Personal effect the individual gave you. This can be things like rings, necklaces, clothing, vases, etc.
5. Love Letters - Either e-mail love letters or actual written out letters. 
6. Toe or finger nail clippings.
7. Tooth brush.
8. Old Razor
9. Hair - Only if you are 100% positive that it is the individuals. 
 Cigarette Butts - Please MAKE SURE these are of the target.
Keep in mind that I can not start the spell until I receive the imprints, as I will need it to write up the spell, ok.

2. Letter to God...

The letter to God can be sent via e-mail as well. The purpose of this letter is to state the past, present, and future events of your situation. Sending it via e-mail does not make it any less potent. It doesn't lessen the strength of your spell either. There are a few things you will have to do in order to be able to send this via e-mail though. First when you write this letter be sure to drop down about 20 lines so that I will open the e-mail and print it out without looking at it. Also, you will want to put "LETTER TO GOD" in the subject line of the e-mail, so this will alert me and let me know that this is the letter to God and that I shouldn't read it. Still keep in mind that this letter is between you and God alone and is not read by myself. When you speak with me on the phone, then is when I will discuss your case and the things that have happen with you and your expected results and things you need to change, ok.

3. Fee...

    A. Payment by Credit Card...
          You can make payments via debit/credit card. Call me and I will be more than happy to assist you with this.
    B. Money Order...
          You can send an overnight postal money order or cashiers check to my address listed below.
    C. Bank Transfer...
           If you want to send it via bank transfer, let me know and I will send over the information for this.
When sending it via money order you can send it to the following:
Michael Jenkins
801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, Florida 33770
If you send a package overnight be sure that you send it to the above address with any of the items that you have to send. Also, make sure to send it overnight and with a tracking number so that you and I both can track the package to ensure that it arrives as scheduled and on time.  
If you have any questions about any part of this feel free to contact me at anytime and I will be more than happy to assist you.