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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770



Spell Casting Scams...

Let me start by saying that other spell casters have been making false posting about me on the internet because of this section on my site. I want everyone to be aware of this and understand that I am exposing their scams and this is why they are trying to "Get Me Back" by making these false posts. I told everyone a long time ago and even in the section that they were going to do it and now they have. Once I find out who it is I will be pursuing legal action. If anyone has any information about it, please send me over the details.


Ok, its about time that I address this situation as there are more scams out there then real spell casters. 98% of the people on the net are frauds and do not even perform high magic. Its not only effected peoples lives, but caused many of them to commit suicide, harm others, or turn to drugs, etc. This really pisses me off. I am going to expose all these scams one by one so that people understand what they are and how you can protect yourself. There are a few things that you need to understand about payment methods first, then we can go into the individual scams and how they operate.
I am sure to catch hail from other spell casters about this page, but its time someone stood up for the clients and that person is me. Even though this page causes me loss of business, I am willing to take the loss  because its about time these people and scams were exposed.
These spell casters use fake names, prepaid phones, 800 or 866 number, P.O. Boxes, etc. Chances are if they tell you their names is something very strange for a name, its a fake one. They go through and change their website every three months or so to ensure that they don't get caught. 
If you pay with western union there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself here. On the western union or moneygram slip state that you are ordering a "SERVICE" and list what it is in the comments box. Also, USE the test question, this will ensure that who picks it up is the same person that you spoke to or at least someone close enough that if need to find out who they are you will know. Also, when they pick up the funds you can also get a copy of the receipt. Call western union or moneygram and request a copy of it be sent to your home. This will give you the persons name, drivers license number, address, etc. Now you know who picked up the funds for a fact. 97% of the people on the net use fake names to do business and will tell you to send the funds to an associate or some one else and give you their name to send it to. The truth be known, the person they tell you to western union it to is the persons real name that you are talking to. Now you know who the real person is so if there is any question later own or you choose to take action again the spell caster for fraud you will have their real information. I would NEVER send any funds to anyone other than the person that is listed on their website as the spell caster or physic. This is because you want personal service from a REAL individual, not some fake person that doesn't really do anything for you.
I have been going through each of the sites on the internet and I have compiled each of these types of scams below and I have described it and how its done. To many people are mislead by this type of scam. Read each one of these carefully and make sure you are not falling prey to this type of scam.

How they scam you with the funds.


100% Guaranteed Spells-
There are --NO-- spells that are guaranteed. No one can guarantee the success of a spell. This is due to the fact that you can not twist an entities arm and make them do what you want. You can only work with the reputation that you have built up with them in order to get things done in your favor. This is one of the most common types of scams because it makes you believe that you will get success no matter what, when the reality is very much different. Also we as spell casters can guarantee that you will stay within the guidelines of the spell. The only guarantee that they can give you is that they will perform the spell for you. Don't be taken by this false advertising.
Money Back Guarantee-
This is another VERY COMMON scam. They will not ever honor this guarantee. I have had SO many clients come to me asking for a spell after having another cast that was guaranteed and that NEVER got their money back. The main complaint each of these people have is that they can't get a hold of the spell caster anymore. The reason they don't answer is because they do not want to deal with you. They already got your money and they hope you will not ever contact them again. The only chance you have of getting contact with them is to tell them you want another spell, then see how quickly they respond.
Many spell casters use threats to keep you from tiring to get your money back. They can threaten to send your case information to the target, call your friends or put spells on you and your situation. Now stop and think very carefully about the spell aspects... If they couldn't turn your situation around, chances are very high that they can't cast a curse to save their lives! LOL...  As for sending the information to the target of the spell, you should not have give them enough information to ever contact that person. All a spell caster needs is a name, date of birth and a picture. That is all they need in order to cast a spell. Don't fall prey to their threats as they are empty threats that mean nothing. They are just tiring to get you to go away now that they have your money.

They have even been known to tell you that the spirits will be mad at you or you will upset them if you don't order a spell or reading. They will use anything and everything in their power to get you to spend money. Don't take threats off of these people. Using threats is against the law as well as unethical.
Results Overnight, 36 Hours, 48 Hours, 72 Hours, 3 Days, Within 1 Week (or something close to that)-
This is a marketing ploy. They will try to entice you with the super fast results, if you talk with others who have used their services you will probably find that its a bunch of crap and that if they even did see results it wasn't near within this time frame. The main reason this will not work is because you can not turn most situations around with this time frame because you can not dictate a specific time. Entities do not know the meanings of what we call time. 1,000 years is but a blink of their eye to them. Angles do not work in our time they work in Divinities time. The main point to consider here is how long it took your situation to get where it is, now how long do you think it will take to undo it? Most people can say it took months to get where it is now, so in retrospect it would take at least a few weeks to straighten everything out. That is if you worked hard at it.
You can't come be apart of the Ritual.
This is because they probably don't even perform a spell. They are probably just a scam and don't want to be exposed. So be careful. If they are a TRUE HIGH MAGICIAN, then they won't mind you being a part of the spell. They should know how to protect you during the Rite.
No need to ever meet me or see me in person.
Well, that's an obvious. They are probably 16 and don't want you to know that they know nothing about magic. On a more serious note, they probably run many different spell casting websites and don't want people to know that they are falling prey to the same person from many different sites. If they are unwilling to meet with you and discuss things in person, then run as you know its a scam.
No physical address you can send things to. No REAL number. They use a 1-800 number or 1-888 number, etc.
This is because they don't want you to know who or where they really are. They are tiring to hide from you so that they can take your money and run. Not having a real number is because if they do post their real number you can get their name by searching who owns the number.

I perform hundreds of spells a month or week.
This should speak for itself. If they are able to cast even 10 spells a week then they are not taking the proper time with each individuals case. With any kind of HIGH MAGIC rite it takes at least a week to prepare this. If someone is claiming to be able to cast your spell the same day, beware as they are NOT practicing High magic. These types of individuals are practicing low magic and are probably doing nothing more than lighting a candle and saying a chant. You can do this yourself, its called "LOW MAGIC". 

Phone Calling Scam for Physics
It has now been brought to my attention of a new type of scam called PHONE SPOOFING. Well, lets talk about how this works then how they use it. Lets start by directing your attention to a website that offers PHONE SPOOFING cards for a fee. Lets look at one website I found randomly.

http://www.spoofcard.com/ - With this website you can purchase a calling card that will allow you to post any kind of caller id and name when you call someone. Take some time to read up on this website and you will see how it works in more detail. 

How they use this... On the phone a so called physic will have you give them the targets name and number. They will tell you that this person will call you when they do their meditation or ritual. During this another person will pick up a second line and call you with this calling card and spoof their ID. You look at the phone and low and behold you see the persons name and number. Now if you didn't know that this was a scam, you would be impressed and be willing to spend almost anything just to get the spell done by this person. HOOK LINE AND SINKER! They have you. Note that the phone will only ring with the persons name or number or they will tell you not to answer. This is because its them on the other line and they know you will know the persons voice. BE AWARE OF THIS!!!

How to check a person/website out...
1. Go to http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp and type in their website address and make sure that the box stating "Domain Name  e.g. networksolutions.com" is checked and click search. This search should give you the information about the person who owns the website. Its doesn't matter what they may claim, this is the actual person who owns it. If it says "private register" on it, then you can assume its a scam and they do not want you to know who they really are. That is probably what you will find with most people out there. They own several websites under different names and don't want to you know who they really are so they put the "Private Register" on everything. STAY AWAY from these types of sites. It can also give you a bogus company name. 
Now if it does give the information for their site, then you will be able see the date at which the website was created. If it was created within the last few months then BEWARE! They can be, and probably are a "Fly by Night Site" that will disappear within a couple of months. You can also find their address there and their phone number with possibly their real e-mail, but chances are it will be fake. You can take the information and send them a letter requesting a spell and see if they respond or call the number to see if they answer. If they answer and its different from the one on their site, ask who are you speaking with and see if you can find out who they really are and help others from being scammed.
Also look at their "Name Server" in the list of information. If its an IP address (Ex. then you can assume they are running the website from their house and not even using a legitimate hosting company. They do this in order to be able to easily move their website up and down without leaving a trace of it on other servers. The reason, they don't want to be caught running a scam. A legitimate website NAME SERVER is something like NS1.google.com or NS1.yahoo.com. It will start with NS1 and end in .com or .net. 
2. You can also go to the internet archive located here. http://www.archive.org/web/web.php . In the box under the heading "The Wayback Machine" type in the persons website address and click "Take Me Back". This will show you every change they have ever made to their website and the dates that they changed it. It will also show you how long they have had their website. If their isn't any archives then it was JUST created and you had better beware. Also another trick they use is they try to exclude their site from this engine. They have to specifically tell this engine that they do not want their site to be indexed. That means that they are doing it for a reason.
I have more to post on this topic and will post it soon, so come back for more information. I hope this helps people and exposes these scams to the public.

Also check out my information about spell casters and physics. Click Here