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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


"Ways to Avoid Scams"

So here are some important ways to avoid getting scammed! I would recommend that you take heed to these wise words!

1. If they do not have a real phone number AVOID THEM! A real phone number does not begin with 800, 877, 900, or anything other than the area code from where they are from. If perhaps that have a different area code then where they are from, you might want to inquire as to why.

2. E-mail addresses from somewhere other than their site. If you contact a person via e-mail make sure their e-mail reply has their web address in it. (EX. @extremeblackmagic.com and not @yahoo.com or any other). If they use yahoo, hotmail, google, or aol, avoid these types of people. The reason they use other addresses is in the case the you complain to their web hosting company and try to provide e-mails of what happened they are not responsible. Why this is, its because it didn't come from the site, it came from a 3rd party e-mail server. I would make sure that you really investigate this and make sure you watch out for things like this.

3. Domain Name. Ok, this should be something that I don't really have to go into, but I will for those of us out there that are really not the literate on what people are doing on the net. If their domain name is something like this... http://spells.doteasy.com watch out! They use these free services such as doteasy.com to create FREE website to lure people in. This is just plain laziness on the scammers part. They don't even want to take the time to buy a $10 domain name. If you go to someone with a domain name like this, you get what you deserved...

4. Real Addresses. No Brainer. Look for the site to have a real address associated with it, not some P.O. Box. This is due to the fact that you can't visit a person in person at a P.O. Box. Get an actual address and if possible go and visit them. They should have no problem at least meeting with you. Keep in mind that if you do go and visit them, go to the address listed on the site. If there not there or ask you to go somewhere other than there to meet them, watch out. Another good idea is to look up the address on google maps and make sure it exists. You can even do a street view and look at the place where they are located. That is a very good indication of whether you should even go to begin with.

5. Another thing to watch out for is if you call the person you are wanting to have a spell cast by, make sure that when you send the money to him/her that it is the same name as the person you are talking to. If you called John Smith then if you were asked to send it to anyone else except John Smith then be careful. This is due to the fact that people will say they are one person to you and tell you to send the money to an associate or secretary. In all actuality they are not being honest with you in most cases. The person they tell you to send the money to is usually the persons real name that you are talking to. This is done in order to try to keep the persons real name away from the site. This way they can go around and make up new sites without their name getting blasted on the net and being exposed.

6. No kind of proof of spells. Its so easy to overlook the obvious things such as this. Its such a big thing that when its gone, no one really notices. Its like the best place to hide something is in place site. The easiest way to avoid something is to avoid something so big that everyone would miss it. It also has to do with a persons state of mind when they come in for spells. Normally they don't think about whether or not they are getting scammed, they just want help so they over look so many important facts. Look for pictures of previous spells that they have performed. They should have MANY. Some of the scammers will make excuses saying that they can't take pictures during a spell or that its a trade secret what they do, or it could be bad for your situation, etc. This is absolute CRAP! Don't believe a word of it. I give my clients that request a picture of their spell all the time. If they make up excuses for their actions on why they will not give you a picture, BEWARE! If their site doesn't have any kind of spells on it and I don't mean pictures of alters, I mean ACTUAL SPELLS, then BEWARE. Some will just put pictures of an alter, but no pictures of spells being performed, etc. Watch out for these people. I can make an alter setup quickly too. Anyone can. Just look up how to online and there is allot of information on it there. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

7. Price. Now there seems to be a great controversy over this issue. Some places I read on the net say it should be cheap and others say it is expensive. Well, let me tell you the facts "AS I SEE THEM". You have to turn this around and think of it as if you were doing the spell. Now look at the price of the spells are performing for people. Its like any other service out there. If you find spells for $40. Now how long would you work for someone for $40? Lets be more specific, if the spell is $40 then we can assume in normal situations 1/2 the cost of a spell is materials so that leaves $20. Now your going to pay taxes on the $40, which are $3. This leaves you with making $17 per spell. That includes your time for talking with the client, making the spell and performing it all in one. Would you do all of that for $17? I don't think so. Its just not reasonable at all. The prices need to reflect the actual materials and supplies that are used in the spell casting, not some made up number to run many people through a site. A good price for a spell that works is about $900 or so. That's just something that you are going to have to expect and be willing to pay if you want a spell to help your situation. Its not cheap and its not outlandish either. Its a fair price for what your wanting to be done. I have no problem telling everyone that half the cost of each of the spells that I have listed are for materials and the other half is for taxes and my time and I put into creating and performing your spell as well as talking with you on the phone and e-mail.

These are just a few guidelines to help you in your quest to knowledge! Hope you enjoy the rest of the site. Know of any current spell casting scams out there? CONTACT ME. Let me know and I'll post the news.