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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770



This is the newest of the scams out there. The Blogging scam. Lets take a few minutes and explain to people how and why they do this. By now I am sure that you have read on the net that this person or that person has scammed people out of money! This is a new kind of scam that certain spell casters are using in order to drive people away from the sites that have been out there for years such as myself and many others.

So what's the motivation? Here's how it works. These sites are out there for one thing, your money. They will open a new site or many new sites under many different names. Believe me people its real. That's why you can't speak with the spell caster or they only have e-mail addresses. This is so they can hide the fact that they are running so many sites out there.

Its a numbers game. You might ask how this works, give me a few minutes to explain. Lets say that 100 people come to these spell casting scams for a love spell and they each are talked into buying a spell for $1000 each. (The price they advertise is not what they will try to talk you into buying or they will let you buy the cheaper spell and then tell you that you have to spend thousands more.) So out of the 100 people they made $100,000.00 for 3 months. Now lets say that 50% of them charge back and the spell caster actually gives the money back or they charge back on their credit card, that still leaves them making $50,000.00 for 3 months. Lets say they spend 10,000 to advertise their site, that still $40,000 for profit. Lets break it down so it sounds more reasonable. $40,000 for 12 weeks of work is $3,333.33 a week! Now you have to times that by the number of sites they have, lets say 3 to be reasonable that takes their profits to $9,999.99 a week! In other words $519,999.48 a year!

So to get a hundred costumers how are they to do that? Well, its a new strategy that they have employed to get new clients. They go on many different sites on the web and post false complaints about the companies that are out there. This is in an effort to turn people away from the companies that have been there for years! This way people start doubting the sites that have been there forever and go for the new sites without doing any further research. This is so unfortunate because if you think about it in terms of getting results, look for the sites that have been there forever and a day. Those are the ones that you will be able to get help from.

So next, what happens when there 3 or 4 months are gone? Well, down goes the site and up pops another. They may even keep it online for a while after, but you will never hear from them. They stop answering calls, e-mails and even block people. This is the types of business that should be taken out of business. Come on people. Lets stand up and look at what is truly taking place and let these people know that preying on peoples emotions and money is something that will not be tolerated.

So when their site gets bad press, as it always does, they close it and reopen under a different name and start the bashing all over again. This is an endless cycle. They keep blogging more and more negative things about others and that is why you see this happening on the net.

Ways they scam you! Click Here....

Working on this section... Please stay tuned!