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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


Blooding went wrong, or did it???

This is a picture from a couple of days after I have given a blood offering. I had a really hard time getting blood to come out for the spell. I had to stick myself 3 times in order to get any to come out. The third time I felt this overwhelming sensation come over my body that almost dropped me to my knees. I knew at that point either something was not right or it was too right! It hard to decipher when you have the feelings rush over you all at once and the energy overtakes your body. It is only later that you can discover the true meaning of what it really is. This has happened before with several spells and normally I take it as a sign that the Angels have had their fill "so to speak" of my offering. Typically I can get really good pictures in the fire when this happens as the Angels are satisfied with the offerings that I have given them.

A blood offering is given with each spell that I offer to anyone as payment to the entities and Angels for their service and caring out my wishes (the clients). It is one of the most important things for ANY spell casting and those who don't do this are not giving properly of themselves in order to have a clients case come true. This can be referenced from about any 15th Century Enochian text. Not so much by today's text, as people aren't so acceptable to the idea of giving their own blood, but look a little further back and you will see it is standard with any spell casting that originated during the times of King Solomon, John Dee, or Faustus.  

Now getting back to the picture listed below you can see that this was one of these times at which I had this unique experience. Typically this is when people have very difficult cases or they need the intensity for one reason or another. If you look at the picture of my arm you can see that there is an entity imprinted into the bruise of my arm. This face is an entity that was trying to get their fair share of the offering. In doing so their unique energy pattern created an imprint upon the actual bruise of their face. Take a close look and you will see it. If you have trouble just look at the ones below and I have placed several there and each one outlines the entity even more. 

Enjoy! Blessed Be To All The Entities an Deities From Above!!!