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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


How Do Spells Work???

Is there anything I have to do???
Well, if you are asking yourself these questions then here are the answers. Spells are two parts, one consists of your part and my part. The part that is your to do is this....
A simple Negative Releasing Prayer. Why you ask, do I have to do a Negative Releasing Prayer? The reason is simple. When you are wanting a spell, you are in essence asking God (Divinity) to help you with a situation and grant you your request. Well, in the World of Magic, you have to give something to get something. Nothing is free. Well, this is what you have to give in order to get what you are wanting.

What the Negative Releasing Prayer does is it helps to make you a better person. It helps you to release negativity in your life. So what you are giving in return for your spell is that you are giving Divinity a better person.
The Negative Releasing Pray is a very important part of the spell. It will decide how fast your spell works and if it even works. If you decide that you want to work on the Prayer hard and concentrate on it and take the actual time to do it, then your spell will work fast. On the other hand if you do not spend as much time with it and do not work as much on your negative qualities, then your spell will not work very quickly. If you do not perform this spell, or have no desire to, then your spell will not work and their will be not since in even getting a spell from me. I have included in my normal prices the price of the Negative Releasing Prayer at which I will send you and you do not even have to make it. Just pull it out of the box and perform it. It is not a long spell. The normal time it takes to perform the spell is about 20 Min. a night for 9 nights.
To make the Negative Releasing Prayer work, then you need to continue to work on your Negative qualities after the spell is completed. REMEMBER, this is what you are giving for your spell. So, Please continue to work on the negative qualities after you complete the 9 day spell. If you do this then Divinity will make sure that you get what you are requesting.
As far as my part of the spell. I write up the literature of the spell which can be from 10 to 40 pages in Ancient Alphabets. (Hebrew, Angelic, Runes, etc.) The reason that I use these Alphabets are because these letters contain special energies in each one that call certain Entities into the spell. This helps in the actual spell. One of the other parts that I do is, make wax doll effigies. These are not voodoo dolls they are dolls of each of the people involved in the spell to use as a map and concentrate energy into the direction of the spell. To be able to point out certain spots that I can work on. One of the others is, I make Astrological Charts. These can be viewed on the Spell Previews Page. This is actually where I call in Angelic Hosts for the spell. Then of course I perform the spell, which can take up to 4 to 6 hours to complete.