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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


Was I Scammed?

Alright this is a very good question. There are a few things to consider when asking yourself this question. 

1. What was guaranteed?
2. Was it derived, the part that was guaranteed?
3. Did I comply with the rules and spell protocol?
4. What are the rules and regulations for doing a spell with a certain person/site?
5. Did I do my homework before engaging in services with a website?
6. Did the spell caster do everything to help you?
7. Was there any kind of information that I with held that could have lead to the spell not working?
8. If required to perform a specific action, includes things like the NRP, did I do it properly?
9. Did I send the material and all things to the spell caster in a timely manor, this includes the fee?
10. Am I just looking for someone to blame?
11. What were my expectations of the spell for the price? 
12. Fairytale vs. reality.

Now, lets go through each one of these and discuss the different things to consider when you are trying to determine if you were truly scammed.

1. What was guaranteed?

Well, this tends to be a very highly abused area on the net. There are spell casters that will promise you the world! Lets take a look at a few of this I just found on the internet.

  • Love Spells - 100% Guaranteed
  • AUTHENTIC AMERICAN INDIANS SPELLS! 100% GUARANTEED our spells are 100% guaranteed! ...

I'm not giving any names with this, but more just to show you what is out there and give you some information on it. As you can see each of these listing are guaranteing that they will give you results, but they each have a ploy. The first ones' ploy once you read their TOS (terms of service) is this... 

"No guarantees are expressed or implied. This website is for entertainment purposes only"

This makes you wonder why they are advertising that they guarantee the spells then put in their TOS that they do not guarantee ANYTHING! Its just a marketing ploy to get you roped into believing that there is actually one. Now for the second part, what is the deal with "This website is for entertainment purposes only"? Perhaps everyone should read the Terms Of Service on a website before ordering. This basically means that if you don't get results, it doesn't matter as you are only paying for the entertainment of having a spell cast. Just like going to watch a movie at the theater! Doesn't that make you feel just so comfortable to know that you are leaving you life and love into this persons hands?  On to the next one...

To recap the first one in short:


For the second one listed. I just researched them. They do not give an e-mail only a website contact form. This is never a good idea because you do not even know the persons e-mail. There are many in the past that have done this in order to keep people from knowing who they are. I also did a domain name search and the site is listed as "PRIVATE REGISTER" by godaddy. Yet again, trying to hide who they really are. There was no business license information nor a physical location as to where they were really located. Their website is convincing to people that have never done anything like this before, but it is truly one that I would steer clear of because of the lack of information and trust. Plus the fact that they are guaranteeing results makes it smell even more. You don't know who they are, where they are, what they are really about, if they are licensed, or even their e-mail or real names... I don't believe that is someone that I would want to do business with. Make your own decision. On to the 3rd one.

To recap the second one in short:


Now for the third one. As it is very clear, the 3 days is very much in question!?!? I have been practicing for many years and there are only about 0.01% of the cases that ever resolve in that amount of time. That is considering I have done thousands of cases across the world, so to believe that this person can actually get results for everyone in 3 days is absurd! The domain check came back as private again. Only people who have things to hide do this. I did do a check on their address they give and it does appear to be a legitimate one, but that doesn't mean that they are. Their payments are accepted through paypal so you can pretty much bet that they get allot of charge backs. At least in my opinion. Of the 3 listed here I would say that this person was more on the up and up with you, but does try to deceive you with the time frame of the spells. I have never used their services, but may investigate further to find out if their spells really work. That's a whole different section for this site though. Keep looking it will come soon.  

So now that we have went over that information lets move forward to answer the first question here. Take a look at what is actually guaranteed, read the terms of service and make sure there are no ploys there. If the site is legit they will have a terms of service or MUST READ page. Just as my site does have one. Write down their exact guarantees and then compare them to what has happened and what you did actually get. If their site says "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES" then you basically did not do you homework and you got EXACTLY what you paid for "ENTERTAINMENT". Yes, its a sneaky way of getting out of having to actually produce results of their castings, but you do have to agree to the terms of service. This is basically an understood agreement when you pay them for the service and can be held up in a court of law. 

Now on the other hand if they do say their spells are guaranteed and that they are not for entertainment purposes or have some disclaimer saying that they do not guarantee results, then you have been scammed!

On to the next page. I am still uploading this. Please be patient as I will address each of these questions in detail.

  Not giving real names, address, phone number, no e-mail or using web contact form, no license information, use 800, 866, 900 numbers, you can't be a part of the ritual, false advertisement about guarantee, one page website... These are things to watch out for!!!