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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


 !!!MUST READ!!!


Terms of Service

Below are just a few things you need to know before you get started with a spell, ok. Please take the time to read through this, it will help you and answer most of your questions. It is also REQUIRED before anyone purchases a spell. These are the "TERMS OF SERVICE".

My Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that I will perform the spell and provide the services offered on the website according to the spells description. With most spells this includes client counseling and email support. Though it is true, no spells are guaranteed because you can not guarantee what an entity will do, because you can not physically make an entity do something by force or any other means. I will give you this one guarantee to show that I am dedicated to a clients success as much as the client is... I will be with you through the whole process and perform any spell necessary to bring the situation to a resolution for free! This includes up to 3 free spells! Though this is not needed, it is sure nice to know that it is there just in case. For the service of casting a spell, there are no guarantee of results or refunds.

Most spell caster just tell you that you need to purchase other services from them, which can lead to thousands of dollars, well with my system you will not have to deal with this kind of rip-off anymore. In reality if a spell caster is unable to determine the correct single or combination of spell to turn your situation around, then you should not have to pay for that service. That is were I am setting a new standard for all spell casters and challenging all of them to hold the same standards if they believe in their spells that much. 

Spell Time Frames. Time frames given to people for a specific spell are "GENERAL" time frames and do not necessarily reflect the time it will take for your case to succeed. The times frames are derived from many different cases over a long period of time and these times frames serve as a estimate only. I am not responsible for the time frame for your case, nor do I imply that it will happen during a specific time, but rather that in the past this is the general time frame that it has happened in. Some take longer and some are shorter, but with magical works you can not put a definite time frame on any spell.

The Crisis Hotline is my phone number listed on the site here 1-727-216-9750, but I do have a cell phone that you can use as well and the phone number is 1-727-278-7529. The purpose of it is to give advice on situations that arise with your case. Once you become a client you may utilize it at anytime within reason. I only ask that you do not abuse this service as I do have to work on spells and perform them. Once a day is more than reasonable to give me updates or ask about situations although I do make exceptions if a person is going through a difficult time.

Also if you notice each of the Love Spells listed have a combination of spells in each one. This is because you can not, in a right frame of mind, offer a love spell without a curse removal and a protection spell. Without these 2 spells the spell caster leave the client open to many different attacks. With this combination along with the Love Spell your lover will return quickly and not leave from you because of other spells cast.

Clients Responsibility

A clients responsibility is to follow directions given by myself with their individual case. These things can vary from not having contact with the intended target of the spell, to ensuring they have a way to contact you. Also included in this is for the client to successfully complete the negative releasing spell, if necessary with your spell. This spell will increase the intensity of the spell that I am performing for you and as you have probably read it is also there to help you get centered so that your spell will happen quickly.

Especially to people that have already had spells cast on their behalf before!!!
If you have had a spell cast in the past, let me tell you how it will come into play with the spells that I cast. Just to clear the air about this. If the spell caster has performed a positive spell for your situation, it will only enhance the spell that I am performing. On the other hand if perhaps the spell caster has placed a curse of some sort on your situation, for what ever reason, it will make that spell null and void through the use of the powerful curse removal spell.

Keeping in Contact

Ladies and Gentlemen let me start off by saying that keeping in contact with me is very important for the spell casting that I am performing for you. This is due to the fact that when I perform prayers to guide your spell work I need to know what to request and how to direct it to the spell workings. This is very very important. There are many sites out there that do not want you to keep in contact as they are just interested in making the "quick buck". This is NOT the case here my friend... It is virtually impossible to do a spell for someone without keeping in contact with them.
When you decide to purchase a spell, you are given a cell phone number for myself so that you can reach me at ANY time day or night provided I am not busy with other spell castings, etc. Please do not abuse this privilege by call me on the cell phone and talking for hours, because like other people I am charged for these calls. It is merely used as an emergency line to reach me. It is your responsibility to keep in contact with me, as I can not possible call every people back. I do have an answering machine and if you leave a message I will return your call and have you call me right back. I strive to keep the lines of communication as open as possible by having a 24-7 line that you can reach me on. For those who are not in the US this gives you the option to call me at a time that is convenient for you. What I expect as far as contact with myself... I expect you to call me at the minimum of 2 times a week. Like I stated above this is to help you with your situation. The kind of things that I am looking for in an update is an change in your situation or perhaps you remember something that is relevant to the situation. That's just a few ideas of what I am looking for in an update.
I deal with each case personally, as I do not have councilors that I send you to. This gives you personal contact with myself so that you can know first hand what is going on the spell. The process of a spell deals not only with the situation, but with making you a more positive person. This positive energy that you will develop will aid in perhaps bring a lover back and being able to make the transition with them again as easy as possible for both you and the other person. The second reason is because you have to give something in order to get something. Through this process you are giving up negative qualities like depression, anger, and loss of sleep ( a few examples ). Through this you will get the positive results from your spell.
If you are looking for a spell and are new to the site, let me say that you can call me at anytime and don't have to make an appointment to be able to call. I have had several people what to make appointments, which is not necessary as I am available 24-7.

Releasing the Spell

Each individual must release his or her spell! The meaning of releasing the spell is to not obsess over your spell or situation. When a person properly releases the spell it will cause the intended target to be drawn even more to that person. A good way to find if you are obsessing is to answer the following questions:

1. Is the first and last thing on my mind of the day my situation?
2. Do I break down each day about this?
3. Have I separated myself from my family and friends and have trouble going out?

These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself to know where you are in an emotional state of mind. This is the whole purpose of the Client Crisis Hot Line and the Negative Releasing Spell. Through these services you can get yourself centered and in a right state of mind to be ready for the intended target to move back into your life. If you are not centered and in the right state of mind consider how this looks to the other person and the other person might have doubts about coming back. 

This also means talking about the spell with others. You MUST RELEASE IT! If you talk about it with others then your spell will be broken and not be successful. 

Negative Releasing Spell

It is each clients responsibility to create and perform the negative releasing spell. With this you can call me at anytime and ask me questions about it or I have a complete description of the spell and how to make it here. Also, once you finish this spell you are to e-mail or phone me that you have successfully completed it.

If any of these areas are not followed then the chances of success are reduced. It doesn't mean that it will not happen, its just means that it can take longer. In some cases it can destroy the spell.

Making Payments

For those of you making payments you must read and agree to these terms and conditions as well listed here. http://www.extremeblackmagic.com/making_payments.html 
Spells are strictly for entertainment purposes only!
By ordering a spell you agree to these terms and condition and are bound by them.