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Michael Jenkins
(Master of the Arts)

801 W. Bay Drive Suite 471
Largo, FL 33770


Ladies and gentlemen first off I do accept payments, but the terms of these payments are listed below and may vary with each individual case (as I deem necessary).

  1. I require that half the price of the spell be sent before any work is done. This includes the crisis hotline service, and spiritual counseling.
  2. There are NO REFUNDS for any portion of the spell that you have already paid. You can receive a credit to your account with us and use the funds towards another spell of equal or lesser value than the credit.
  3. The spell will not manifest until you have fulfilled your obligation to Love Spells - Magic Spells L.L.C. This means that you will need to pay the full amount before you see the results.
  4. The spells take two (2) weeks to write up and perform. The payment schedule is as follows: (A) 1/2 payment with imprints sent, (B) The second half is to be sent no more than 2 weeks later, which is when the casting is to take place.
  5. In the event that your spell is performed before you send the last payment, then a reversal spell will be start (one) 1 day after the agreed date of payment.
  6. You must also make sure to provide the following information about yourself: Full Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number

Please remember that this is here to help those who can not make the full one time payment for a spell, but is not intended for those of you to start the payments and quit because you have made one payment and seen no results. I am telling you now so that you know, you must finish your payments before you see any results.

If you have any questions please let me know..